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St. Gallen
Administration + Marketing | Visit + Accompany | Seniors | Integration + Social issues | People with disabilities
Verein Leben & Lernen
Education + Coaching | German | Flair für junge Menschen und andere Kulturen, Freude am Vermitteln. Einfühlungsvermögen
Administration + Marketing | Board development | German | Marketing / Verkauf | Projektmanagement

Who we are is the Swiss volunteering platform

Benevol Jobs is a product of benevol and bénévolat Romandie. The platform is owned by benevol Switzerland, a non-profit and tax-exempt association. Thanks to a network of 20 regional competence centres for voluntary work and around 2000 affiliated organisations, successfully places volunteer jobs on a daily basis.


The platform is largely self-financing through income from the sale of basic services, upgrades, volunteer contacts and companies/community partnerships. Profits that exceed the coverage of the financial expenses are directly invested in the further development of the platform.

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