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Promoting volunteering work in my city

Most clubs and associations in your community depend entirely on the help of volunteers.  Here you will learn how your city can support volunteering and thus your local clubs, associations and organizations.

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Simple, low cost, and convenient. Show your residents which club are looking for support. With "Smart" you have the opportunity to integrate the local volunteering job ads advertised on directly on your website and make them visible to the public. With that, you offer a daily updated advertisement to publicize the local needs. No maintenance necessary for you.

How it works:
We send your webmaster a code (iFrame) to embed on your website. New job ads will be displayed automatically and any outdated ads will be removed as well.

Price: CHF 500.- plus VAT / year
Scope of service: Integration of iFrame

«All in one»

With «All in one» you ease the pressure of your local clubs of their voluntary work. With an annual allowance, you enable all your clubs in your city to add unlimited job postings on to find volunteers. Prerequisite: these organizations must work exclusively with volunteers and have no paid employees. "All in one" is also available to you as a city so you can post a volunteering job yourself, e.g. when you look for volunteers for your city festival.

How it works:
The data administration and maintenance will be handled by your responsible regional benevol office. For the announcement to your community and to market this service, you will receive the flyer templates and printed flyers to effectively draw attention to the offer. Included in this offer is the iFrame solution described above under "Smart".

Price: by request (depending on municipality size) / is only offered by selected regional benevol offices
Scope of service:  

  • Membership of your city with your regional benevol office

  • Membership of all local clubs working without paid staff

  • Integration of iFrame

  • Post volunteering job ads in the name of your city

  • Flyer templates and printed flyers


With this solution, your city has the opportunity to use like all of the regional benevol offices. This will give you an administrator access and thus, an overview of everything that happens in your city regarding volunteering. As a city, you are responsible for the content of the job ads and are in direct contact with the local clubs and associations. You can download evaluations via the statistics area. In addition, you have the opportunity to post a job ad on behalf of your city. Included in this offer is the iFrame solution described above under "Smart".

Price: by request
Scope of service: 

  • Membership of your city in your regional benevol office

  • Administrator access to

  • Reports and statistics

  • Integration of iFrame

  • Post volunteering job ads using the name of your city

  • Access to discounted courses


We will gladly consult you directly. Feel free to contact us.

Ueli Rickenbach, 071 227 07 60

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Volunteer-friendly city

By making all volunteer missions visible on your website, you are creating new, attractive forms of community co-existence. In order to make your community involvement visible, we offer you the opportunity to be listed on our website.

In alphabetic order:


  • Adliswil (ZH)
  • Altstätten (SG)
  • Au (SG)
  • Balgach (SG)
  • Basel (BS)
  • Berneck (SG)
  • Birrwil (AG)
  • Buchs (SG)
  • Burg (AG)
  • Bütschwil-Ganterschwil (SG)
  • Diepoldsau (SG)
  • Eggersriet (SG)
  • Eichberg (SG)
  • Flawil (SG)
  • Frauenfeld (TG)
  • Gams (SG)
  • Gontenschwil (AG)
  • Gossau (SG)
  • Grabs (SG)
  • Herisau (AR)
  • Jonschwil (SG)
  • Lausanne (VD)
  • Leimbach (AG)
  • Lichtensteig (SG)
  • Marbach (SG)
  • Mels (SG)
  • Menziken (AG)
  • Muolen (SG)
  • Neckertal (SG)
  • Oberkulm (AG)
  • Oberriet (SG)
  • Pfäfers (SG)
  • Rebstein (SG)
  • Reinach (AG)
  • Rheinfelden (AG)
  • Riehen-Bettingen (BS)
  • Rorschacherberg (SG)
  • Rüthi (SG)
  • Sargans (SG)
  • Sevelen (SG)
  • Speicher (AR)
  • St.Gallen (SG)
  • St. Margrethen (SG)
  • Suhr (AG)
  • Teufenthal (AG)
  • Unterkulm (AG)
  • Uster (ZH)
  • Walenstadt (SG)
  • Wallisellen (ZH)
  • Wangen-Brüttisellen (ZH)
  • Wartau (SG)
  • Widnau (SG)
  • Wil (SG)
  • Winterthur (ZH)
  • Zetzwil (AG)
  • Zurich (ZH)