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A product of benevol and bénévolat Romandie

In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the umbrella organization benevol includes approximately 20 regional benevol offices, all of which are pleased to inform and consult you personally on all aspects of voluntary work. In French-speaking Switzerland, bénévolat Romandie is the responsible organization.

benevol and bénévolat Romandie:

  • Advocate the compliance of volunteer standards

  • Ensure the quality of volunteer assignments and specialist posts

  • Promote recognition of volunteer work in Switzerland

  • Advise and assist in setting up new specialist offices

  • Promote and organize voluntary education and training

  • Provide information about legal issues and framework conditions

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Address list of German-speaking benevol offices:


benevol Aargau
Bleichemattstrasse 42
5000 Aarau
Tel. 062 823 30 44

benevol Basel-Stadt
Marktgasse 6
4051 Basel
Tel. 061 261 74 24

benevol Kanton Bern
Berner Generationen Haus
Bahnhofplatz 2
3011 Bern
Tel. 031 312 23 12

benevol Grisons
Steinbockstrasse 2
7000 Chur
Tel. 081 258 45 90

benevol Luzern
Bahnhofstrasse 45
6210 Sursee
Tel. 041 211 02 30

benevol Schaffhausen
Mühlentalstrasse 14
8200 Schaffhausen
Tel. 052 625 91 11

benevol St.Gallen
St.Leonhard-Strasse 45
9000 St.Gallen
Tel. 071 227 07 60

benevol Thurgau
Freiestrasse 10
8570 Weinfelden
Tel. 071 622 30 30

benevol Winterthur
Palmstrasse 16
8400 Winterthur

benevol baselland
Rathausstrasse 69
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 921 71 91

Canton of Zürich
Freiwilligennetz Kanton Zürich
c/o Schweiz. Rotes Kreuz Zürich
Drahtzugstrasse 18
8008 Zürich
Tel. 044 415 66 72 (benevol-jobs)

City of Frauenfeld
DaFA Dachverband für Freiwilligenarbeit Frauenfeld
8500 Frauenfeld
Tel. 052 724 55 26

benevol zürioberland
St.Leonhard-Strasse 45
9000 St. Gallen
Tel. 071 227 07 60

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National commitment with a regional network

We pursue a vision of an integrated society in which all people contribute time and energy voluntarily to help fellow human beings and the environment. Throughout Switzerland, we are committed to the promotion of effective voluntary work to contribute to the quality of coexistence. With our product, we connect people who are looking for a volunteer job and organizations and clubs that need volunteers to carry out their activities.

Regional organizations and volunteers can directly contact their regional benevol office, which has a regional network and is familiar with local conditions. Thereby, you have your personal, nationally oriented contact person on site.


Our platform offers you a simple method of creating your profile via an input screen. enables flexibility with matching your areas of interest to available jobs.

With, volunteers always find exact jobs that truly interest them. A simple exploration of the volunteer job market is made possible on our platform. Simply mark interesting listings with bookmarks to view them later.

With you can subscribe to personalized job alerts. This job alert  automatically informs you about relevant volunteering jobs at periodic intervals.

Sign up made easy. Use the common external login providers like Facebook or Google+ to forego making a new account with a new password.


Use our platform to offer your nonprofit an efficient marketing platform! Public nonprofit profiles offer a special advantage over other organizations. This feature allows you to strengthen your brand and promote your job ads. The "Social Sharing" feature allows you to share your profile and listings in popular social media channels.

The optimized search functionality of also helps volunteers to find nonprofits. Volunteers get the opportunity to find the nonprofits which are in accordance with their ideas of volunteering.

As a nonprofit, you can search for suitable volunteers in our volunteer pool. Why wait to be contacted by a prospective volunteer? Be proactive and find the volunteers that suit your needs. Get in touch with them through

The Volunteer Alert gives you automated alerts when new volunteers have joined the platform. With the help of your Volunteer Alert, you can easily find out about the latest registrations of volunteers in your area.