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Now solidarity is called for!

In other words, we all play our part in mastering the major social challenge that we are currently facing. This challenge can only be met through voluntary work. is now available as a hub for initiatives and platforms of all kinds as a free central information system.


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Private Initiatives:

Here we continuously list which private initiatives are created outside of

Important informations for volunteers:

Many volunteers who are willing to work are concerned with how to support people who are particularly threatened by the virus or people who have to work, such as shopping for elderly people or childcare. Voluntary work is urgently required in the corona challenge - but how this should look like must be carefully examined. Personal contact and interaction with people and target groups is not necessary, but potentially dangerous and must therefore always be checked for necessity.

  • Solidarity means renunciation at the moment. This means that the first form of engagement at the moment is to establish as little/no direct personal contact with other people as possible.
  • Please do not provide too much actionism and helper enthusiasm:

“Volunteers can put themselves at risk and the people to be cared for can also be put at risk when neighbourhood assistance is provided. To date, there are still too few indications or concrete instructions for protection and behaviour (e.g. the question of transmission risks through contact with shopping bags or similar). Do not hand out flyers.

  • In this context, it seems to make sense to e.g. take over only one household at a time as a volunteer, thus avoiding multiplication effects that are already warned against concerning childcare (e.g. caring for children who do not belong to the household).
  • Reasonable are commitments that are made possible by telephone or digitally, e.g. to avoid loneliness.

We recommend that you volunteer primarily with existing outreach organisations such as the SRC, Pro Senectute, neighbourhood help and neighbourhood associations whose services are either available or currently in development.