Alignment Initiative

Alignment Initiative
Chemin de Rosiers
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Where did it all start?

The Alignment Initiative was born from a realization many of the world’s social problems, such as poverty, hunger, and lack of adequate healthcare, are often caused by waste and inefficiency.

Although tremendous resources by numerous organizations have been brought to bear to tackle these and other social problems, so much more remains to be done today.

Much like rowers who do not work in unison, I observed how many organizations, even when working towards the same common purpose, were wasting time, misusing energy, and squandering resources because they were not working together. 


The Alignment Initiative seeks to help organizations identify and implement new ways to work together to address our world’s social problems, and Making Good GreaterSM by doing more good, more effectively and more efficiently.

The Alignment Initiative is non-profit organization dedicated to creating a movement directed towards creating unique opportunities for collaboration to push boundaries and make the impossible, possible!


We are a "Can Do Organization" that leverages the existing humanitarian and social impact efforts to Making Good Greater SM.

The principle of Making Good GreaterSM rests on the idea of taking a mindful approach to doing what you are already planning and investing a fraction more of thought and resources to achieve an exponential output and impact. More simply put, “taking one step back to take three steps forward”.


The Mission
The Alignment Initiative seeks to inspire and empower people of all ages, genders, nationalities and races to relieve human suffering and promote social welfare through active alignment and mindfulness.


The Vision
The Alignment Initiative vision is to build a world where all basic human needs, embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals are met through innovative alignment of our technological, human, and environmental resources.


Fields of volunteering: 
Computers + Internet, Nature + Environment, Health, Integration + Social issues

Contact person(s): 

Victor Carnahan 


Address information

Chemin de Rosiers
1004 Lausanne