werdstrasse 60
8004 Zurich


AidNation is non-profit humanitarian organization registered in Zurich, founded in early 2021 to provide help and urgent relief to those who suffer from poverty , wars , famines and illnesses and to participate in alleviating the misery and hardship of children"s , refugees , poor people and displaces persons.

What we do :

Protection of the childrenĀ 

Education of the childrenĀ 

Human Aids and developmentĀ 

with your volunteers support you make impact on a person's life and make a difference to the children in the third world .

Fields of volunteering: 
Administration + Marketing, Visit + Accompany, Education + Coaching, Computers + Internet, Corporate Volunteering, Board development, Refugees, Health, Children + Youth, Covid help, Translations

Contact person(s): 

Ali Nasser 


Address information

werdstrasse 60
8004 Zurich


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