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Langzeit - Freiwillige*r auf Hofgemeinschaft

Langzeit - Freiwillige*r auf Hofgemeinschaft


Felsenruh is a farm community with a high degree of self-sufficiency. The farm is located
on the Gruebisbalm on the south side of the Rigi in the municipality of Vitznau (LU). The
location offers a wonderful view of the mountains and Lake Lucerne.

The farm community is active in various fields of work : animal husbandry, forest and
meadow maintenance, cultivation of a vegetable garden, housekeeping, structural repairs
etc. The community also supports people with special needs and integrates/accompanies
them in the above described fields of work.

More information about the Biohof Gruebisbalm you will find here.

We are looking for a LTV volunteer from August/September 2022. The LTV last at least 6
months. SCI Switzerland will be your coordinating organisation.

1 volunteer for 6 - 12 months (start 15.08.2022 or by arrangement)


Long Term Voluntary Service

Able to communicate in one of the languages spoken on the farm: D/E/F/I
You are motivated to work outdoors in all weathers
Ability to adapt to a diverse type of tasks
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work independently and in a team
The use of drugs and non-prescribed medication is prohibited

Accommodation and all meals.
SCI health insurance
Pocket money
Continuous mentoring and support since arrival and throughout all the stay
Final certification about the work done and competences acquired
SCI Switzerland will manage all administrative matters (health insurance etc.)


The volunteer will live on the farm in the house. She/he will have her/his own room.


Basic conditions offered to long-term volunteers:

Long Term Voluntary Service

Daily routine and tasks

You will be trained in the different sectors and support us as an all-rounder. As already mentioned
the sector or work are; animal husbandry, forest and meadow maintenance, cultivation of a
vegetable garden, housekeeping, structural repairs etc.

From 7:15 am to 8: 00 am we meet for breakfast. After that, there will be a short daily briefing. The
working time in the sectors lasts until 12:00. After that we have lunch together and rest. From
14:30 to 18: 00 is working time again. Around 18:30 we meet again for dinner. After that it is free
time. Once a week there is a meeting of the whole group, in which the sensitivities of all as well as
conflicts and organizational questions are discussed. This meeting is regularly chaired by a third
person from outside the group. Every other day, at 15:40, there is a voluntary meeting where the
different interests are exchanged, e.g. bodywork, meditation, painting etc.

How to apply

Please write to if you are interested in becoming a LTV volunteer or if you
have some questions.

If you are applying from abroad: Send your application via email to your sending organisation
with the subject: “LTV Switzerland/Verein Felsenruh”, and include all the following
documents (in English, German, French or Italian):

1) CV, Curriculum Vitae
2) Specific motivation letter for the project

You will find your sending organisation here.

If you are living in Switzerland, please send your application via email to with
the above mentioned subject and documents.

Deadline for application: July 31, 2022

Langzeit - Freiwillige*r auf Hofgemeinschaft

One-time volunteering job

Published on 08.07.2022

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